Windows 8 Continues Ascension in User Popularity Rankings

Microsoft’s latest OS has a market share of 5.79 percent right now

Windows 8 is now the fourth most popular operating system in the world, but according to some new statistics, it continues to gain new users every day.

Data provided by market researcher StatCounter indicates that Windows 8 is currently installed on 5.79 percent of computers worldwide, still ahead of Vista that has a market share of 5.44 percent.

Windows 7 remains the top choice for desktop users, so it’s now powering 52.49 percent of the PCs in the world, while Windows XP comes next with 21.22 percent.

Mac OS X is the only non-Windows platform on the podium, as it holds a market share of 7.49 percent, but if Windows 8 continues its growth at the same pace, expect a switch in about one month, especially because Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Windows 8.1 update.

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