Windows 8 Deployed on 2.3% of Online Windows Computers

Microsoft’s new OS is quickly increasing its market share

Even though more and more analysts suggest that Windows 8 is recording disappointing sales, data released by Chitika Insights indicates that Microsoft’s new OS is quickly increasing its market share.

The latest figures reveal that Windows 8 has accounted for 2.3 percent of all Windows traffic 48 days after its public release, but it’s still far from the other Windows versions currently on the market.

Windows 7, for example, remains the top choice with a record 59.5 percent, while Windows XP comes second with 27.1 percent. Surprisingly, 11.1 percent of the users are still running Windows Vista.

Chitika said that Windows 8 reached its highest market share this month, which does nothing more than to confirm that Microsoft’s new Windows platform is very likely to skyrocket in early 2013 when the PC sector is also expected to post a significant recovery.

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