Windows 8 Doesn’t Make Sense for Desktop Users, Says Expert

The software giant has picked the wrong strategy for Windows 8, he claims

Windows 8 is yet to make a name for itself according to statistics provided by market researchers across the world, and one analyst claims to have found the reason.

Creative Strategies president Tim Bajarin said in his column for Time that Microsoft actually picked the wrong strategy when designing Windows 8, as many desktop consumers find it more or less useless.

Microsoft, he says, should have provided “a more gradual path to touch by introducing it first as an alternative form of input,” as such a dramatic change could affect the overall sales of the operating system.

And this is happening already, even though Microsoft’s top executives praise Windows 8 with every single occasion.

On the other hand, users who go for tablets and hybrids find the operating system much more appealing, especially because touchscreens are the main form of input on this kind of devices.

CEO Steve Ballmer, on the other hand, thinks that touch is the future and it’s only just a matter of time until everybody discovers the benefits of Windows 8.

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