Windows 8 Eats Up 21 GB of the Surface Pro Storage Space

It’s not the recovery image that’s taking the most space on the tablet

Microsoft released the official storage figures for the new Surface Pro a few hours ago, revealing that the 128 GB model actually comes with 89 GB of available space.

The recovery image has often been blamed because it takes up too much space on the disk, but it’s actually the Windows 8 operating system and the built-in apps that are eating up most of the storage.

According to Microsoft’s statistics, Windows 8 needs 21 GB on the Surface Pro, while the recovery image takes up approximately 9 GB.

The good thing is that users can remove the recovery files and given the fact that the Surface Pro can also handle some other operating systems, don’t be too surprised if some users get rid of Windows 8 and install some other platform eating up less space.

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