Windows 8 Fails to Ignite the Ever-Collapsing PC Market

Microsoft’s new OS was expected to boost PC sales after launch

Ever since Microsoft officially announced the launch date of the new Windows 8, most PC manufacturers put all their hopes in the new operating system, as it was considered a key element in a highly anticipated recovery of the hardware industry.

It didn’t happen, however, even though Microsoft claims that Windows 8’s sales are in line with those recorded by Windows 7 after launch.

Context senior PC analyst Marie-Christine Pygott told MicroScope that this is partially PC manufacturers’ fault for not building enough touchscreen devices running Windows 8, as in the UK, touchscreens accounted for only 2.6 percent of total computer sales in January.

“Only 1.1% of all the Windows 8 portable PCs selling through distribution at the time of the launch were touchscreen enabled,” said Pygott.

“By the end of January this had only risen to 2.4% while tablet sales as we know have increased significantly over the same period,” she added.

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