Windows 8 Hacks Available for Only $13.67 (€10.4)

Here’s a new book that could assist users in their adventure to explore the new OS

Since Windows 8 has already been deemed a confusing operating system, beginners and those less experienced clearly need assistance in discovering the goodies of the new Microsoft software.

The so-called “Windows 8 Hacks” book can be purchased for only $13.64 (€10.4) from Amazon and brings you more than 100 tweaks on performance, security, email and networking.

Of course, the book will teach you how to get the most of the Start Screen, Microsoft’s very own replacement for the Start button, but also how to use Outlook and SkyDrive.

In addition, Windows 8 Hacks also lends a hand to more advanced users by providing tips and tricks on Registry and virtual private network hacks. The book will be officially published on December 19, 2012 but it’s already available for preordering on Amazon.

Click here to view the book’s product page on Amazon.

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