Windows 8 Increases Market Share as Windows XP Is the Second Top OS

New figures confirm that Microsoft will have a hard time trying to kill Windows XP

The latest data released by Net Application reveals that Windows 7 remained the number one operating system for the week of December 16, with a market share of 45.57 percent.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest platform that got to see daylight in October, has increased its market share to 1.56 percent, getting closer to Mac OS X 10.7 that still holds 1.94 percent of the market.

Windows XP, the 11-year-old operating system that Microsoft tries to kill, is still the second top operating system out there, with a share of 39.01 percent. The company will stop providing support for XP in April 2014, so users are recommended to upgrade to a newer platform as soon as possible.

Windows Vista, Microsoft’s biggest flop ever, is the third most popular OS on the market with 5.49 percent, but it’s quickly losing its share as more and more consumers choose to make the move to either Windows 7 or Windows 8.

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