Windows 8 Interface Error Brings Back the Windows 95 Theme – Video

UI bug in Windows 8 shows that the classic theme is still being used

Windows 8 has completely abandoned the classic theme previously available on all Windows versions, including Windows 7, but it appears that this visual style is still used in the background, just in case something goes wrong with Microsoft’s new operating system.

Nazmus Khandaker of McAkins Online has published a video showing that Windows 8 sometimes switches to a classic theme whenever it encounters an error with the new visual style introduced by Microsoft, so you could see the old Windows 95 windows borders, buttons, textboxes, and scroll bars.

While it’s pretty clear that Microsoft doesn’t want to allow its users to switch back to the classic theme manually, thus trying to promote the new look of Windows 8, a workaround to do this will most likely be developed anytime soon, as some people have found it pretty difficult to get used to the new interface.

The old-fashioned UI, on the other hand, comes in handy to many users out there, so it would probably be a pretty good idea to provide users with an option to switch to this theme.

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