Windows 8 Is Almost as Popular as Linux, While Windows 7 Remains the Top OS

New figures reveal that Windows 8 is slowly increasing its market share

Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system on the market, with a share of 45.83 percent, according to figures released by Net Applications for the week of December 9.

While Windows 7 has scored a slight increase of only 0.01 percent, Windows 8 has a market share of 1.49 percent, as compared to last week’s 1.46 percent.

Even though this growth does nothing more than to emphasize that Windows 8 is yet to take off, Microsoft’s new operating system is almost as popular as Linux, as the open source platform has a share of 1.37 percent.

Windows XP, the 11-year old OS that Microsoft is planning to kill in April 2014, has actually increased its share from 38.98 percent last week to 39.15 percent this week, signaling that Microsoft’s mission to get rid of it may be more difficult than everyone expected it to be.

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