Windows 8 Is Much More Popular Than Windows 7 in Beta Stage – Microsoft

The company says that Windows 8 has more early adopters than its predecessor

Microsoft says that Windows 8 is a very appealing product, despite the fact that it’s still in beta stage.

In fact, it’s even more popular than its predecessor, as Windows 8 has many more early adopters as compared to the previous iteration of the OS.

Microsoft hinted in a blog post that the Consumer Preview version of Windows 8 was indeed downloaded by a significant number of users.

However, the company refused to provide accurate figures on the number of downloads.

It did however mention that “Windows 8 has been downloaded and used by more people than Windows 7 during the same period.”

Surprisingly, according to stats released by Net Applications, Windows 8 has five times less early adopters than Windows 7, with the upcoming OS holding a 0.33 percent market share in September.

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