Windows 8 Is Off to an Awkward Launch – Analyst

The confusion concerning Microsoft’s new OS could affect sales, he says

Many consider Windows 8 a confusing operating system and prefer to stick to Windows 7, even though Microsoft’s very own stats demonstrate that its new OS is actually selling like hot cakes.

But Nomura analyst Rick Sherlund claims that all this confusion concerning the new Windows could actually affect sales more than Microsoft has ever expected.

He claims that Windows 8 is off to an awkward launch and points out that 2013 is very likely to increase sales of portable devices, such as tablets and ultrabooks, which basically means that Windows 8 sales aren’t going to take off together with the PC industry recovery.

“Many users have already purchased an iPad and iPhone and may currently straddle both the Apple and Microsoft platforms and may be influenced to carry a single device that has greater functionality than the iPad,” he was quoted as saying by Forbes.

Microsoft has already launched the Surface, the company’s first tablet in history, but it remains to be seen whether it manages to boost Windows sales or not.

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