Windows 8 Is Officially More Popular than Linux

Statcounter data reveals that Windows 8 continuously grows in popularity

Windows 8 officially debuted on October 26 and the operating system has already adopted a growing trend when it comes to its popularity.

New data revealed by Statcounter reveals that Windows 8 has grown enough to overtake Linux and Android. Microsoft’s latest operating system has 0.88 percent of all web hits, writes, while Linux has “only” 0.86 percent.

Windows 7 obviously remains the most popular operating system on the market, but Microsoft expects Windows 8 to snatch the leading spot sometime in the next few years, as more users are making the switch to the new OS.

Sales figures are yet to be unveiled, but according to Microsoft’s executives, Windows 8 is already enjoying a remarkable success, as approximately 4 million upgrades have been sold during its first weekend on the market.

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