Windows 8 Is the Most Secure Operating System on the Market – Security Expert

Microsoft’s security efforts are now applauded by security gurus

It’s a well-known fact that Windows 8 was designed to be a more stable and more secure version of Windows, so security experts are now applauding Microsoft’s efforts in this regard.

Besides the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Secure Boot technology, Windows 8 also comes with security tools easily accessible to beginners too, including a refreshed version of Windows Defender.

This is no longer an anti-spyware utility, but a full-featured antivirus product. That’s why Windows 8 is the most secure operating system on the market, Gunter Ollmann, vice president of research at security company Damballa, told

This means that Windows 8 is not only the most secure Windows version ever released, but it’s even safer than Mac OS X and Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, he suggested.

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