Windows 8 Keeps Losing Users As Linux Continues Growth

Stats show that Windows 8 lost some users last month

Microsoft has worked really hard to improve the core Windows 8 operating system, but it appears that not everyone appreciates the company's efforts and some decided to jump ship to other operating systems.

No matter if they moved to Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or a non-Windows platform, users who moved on led to a slight decrease in Windows 8's market share last month, with stats provided by Net Applications pointing to a drop from 6.29 percent in May to 5.93 percent in June.

Linux, on the other hand, is still far behind Windows, but at least it's growing bigger, partially thanks to Windows XP users who decide to go the open-source way.

The same stats reveal that Linux grew from 1.62 percent in May to 1.74 percent last month, which could be a sign that more users who are currently running Windows are at least giving a shot to the open-source rival. Whether they stick to Linux or not is entirely up to them, but it's a good thing that users are trying to explore the non-Windows world anyway.

Of course, everybody is expecting to see what's new on Windows front as well, as Microsoft is preparing some pretty big improvements, including a completely new OS called Windows 9.

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