Windows 8 Leaker Loses His Job Due to Microsoft Investigation

Alex Kibkalo has been suspended from his job at 5nine Software

Alex Kibkalo is now under custody after getting arrested by the FBI on Wednesday for stealing trade secrets from Microsoft and, according to new information, he also got fired by his current employer until the US authorities shed some light in the case.

Neowin is reporting before the arrest took place, Alex Kibkalo was working for 5nine Software on project management tasks, but the company has decided to suspend him indefinitely until the FBI reveals the final results of the investigation.

What’s more, it appears that his current employer wasn’t aware of Kibkalo’s involvement in FBI investigations when he decided to hire the former Microsoft worker in 2012.

Kibkalo is accused of leaking copies of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Microsoft's Activation Server Software Development Kit, Redmond’s very own software platform that can be used to generate Windows keys. Kibkalo also collaborated with a French blogger who reportedly posted all details online.

According to new information disclosed this morning, Kibkalo was identified by Microsoft after the company looked into the French blogger’s email accounts, coming across some conversations that revealed not only his identity, but also more information on his actions and the way he managed to post details regarding Microsoft’s projects to the web.

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