Windows 8 Needs Some Time to Ramp – Qualcomm COO

One more official says it’s too early to judge Windows 8

Windows 8 isn’t doing very well right now, at least not if you’re asking analysts and executives involved in the hardware industry.

While Microsoft claims that everything is going according to plan and Windows 8’s early uptake is in line with Windows 7’s, many officials believe that it’s a bit too early to judge the new operating system.

Qualcomm President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Mollenkopf is one of those guys who believe that Windows 8 will eventually take off, according to a report by ZDNet. Mollenkopf said in a statement that it would take a while to see Windows 8 ramping, but his company is fully prepared to make the most of it.

“We think there will be a break in the application environment, and the future of Windows will be something we can participate in fully,” Mollenkopf said.

Of course, with no official stats provided by Microsoft, we really don’t have any other choice than to wait and see whether Windows 8 has the power to take off. The clock is ticking though.

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