Windows 8 Now Installed on 5% of Computers Worldwide

Microsoft’s new OS is gaining fans at a rather slow pace

By on May 10th, 2013 12:45 GMT

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the first major update for Windows 8, but the operating system continues to gain new users at a rather slow pace.

The first 10 days of May brought almost no change in the overall market share rankings, with Windows 7 still topping the charts with 53.46 percent of all computers worldwide, according to StatCounter data.

Windows XP obviously comes second with 21.24 percent, while Mac OS X and Vista are next with 7.26 and 5.9 percent, respectively.

Windows 8 is at this time installed on 5.26 percent of PCs in the world and in case it keeps the same ascending trend, it has a chance to overtake Vista by the end of the month.

Microsoft is set to upgrade Windows 8 in just a couple of months, with a preview version of Blue expected to see daylight at the BUILD developer conference in June. The stable version is expected to hit the market two months after that.

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