Windows 8 Offers a Jarring Experience – Linux Guru

Switching from desktop to Metro is a “stark transition”

Even though Microsoft says that Windows 8 is an amazingly user-friendly operating system, many other industry officials blast the new Windows contraption for brining so many UI changes that, in the end, provide a rather confusing experience.

Speaking about the upcoming Ubuntu tablets, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth told Ars Technica that Windows 8 offers users a “jarring experience,” mostly because they’re forced to switch from the desktop mode to the Metro UI.

“When you transition from the tablet to the desktop, things don't move around. That's what's really different certainly between our approach to convergence and for example Windows 8, where when you're in the desktop mode, which looks like Windows 7, and suddenly you get the new tile-based interface, it's a stark transition that can be jarring for users,” he was quoted as saying.

As always, Microsoft prefers not to comment on all these statements, choosing a rather mysterious secrecy over a more transparent approach that could give us some hints on the way Windows 8 is selling right now.

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