Windows 8 Overtakes Mac OS X in New Steam Data

Windows 7 continues to be the top OS for Steam users

The 64-bit version of Windows 7 continues to be the number one choice for Steam users, according to new statistics released by Valve’s gaming platform.

This particular operating system recorded a 0.74 percent decline in November, but 58.58 percent of all Steam users are still running it, while the 32-bit version comes second with 13.98 percent of the users.

Microsoft’s latest product in the OS war, Windows 8, has a combined share of 4.69 percent, as the 64-bit build is currently the fifth most popular OS in the list with 4.25 percent. This means that Windows 8 has managed to overtake Mac OS X, as Apple’s very own platform has a total share of 3.26 percent.

Even though the Steam for Mac client was released more than two and a half years ago, Windows 8 has a major advantage: it can run the same Windows 7 Steam app and many more games, so figures are very likely to grow even more soon.

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