Windows 8 Partially at Fault for Dell’s Financial Problems

The slow Windows 8 uptake caused the PC maker trouble

Even though Microsoft is one of the companies that supported the Dell buyout with a $2 billion (€1.5 billion euro) contribution, the Redmond-based technology giant is partially at fault for the financial problems of the PC manufacturer.

The company mentioned the reasons it decided to go private in a statement submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), blaming the slow early uptake of Microsoft’s new operating system for some of its financial problems.

“The deteriorating outlook for the PC market as a result of, among other things, smartphones and tablets cannibalizing PC sales, the uncertain adoption of the Windows 8 operating system and unexpected slowdowns in enterprise Windows 7 upgrades, and faster than expected declines in PC shipments in emerging markets,” the statement reads.

While there are no official sales details on Windows 8, analysts and sources familiar with the matter explain that the operating system experienced a rather slow adoption after the October 2012 launch, partially due to the UI changes and the removal of popular features such as the Start button.

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