Windows 8 Planned Before the iPad Came Out – New Windows Boss

The new Windows chief says Windows 8 was planned even before the iPad debut

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest bet in the software market, as the company hopes to completely reinvent the computer with its new operating system.

Still, lots of users think that Windows 7 is much better, pointing out that all GUI changes in Windows 8 are actually making it a lot more difficult to use.

Julie Larson-Green, the new Windows division head after Steven Sinofsky’s departure, said in an interview with ABC News that Microsoft has been “thinking about Windows 8 even before Windows 7 shipped,” which proves that the new software is actually a pretty well developed product.

What’s more, Green explained that Microsoft started the Windows 8 project even before the iPad came out, so the company isn’t actually trying to copy Apple’s example. In fact, it may be the other way around.

Click here to watch the 3-minute interview with Julie-Larson Green.

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