Windows 8 Sales Are Yet to Meet Expectations – Sony Exec

Sony official claims that Windows 8 sales aren’t quite on track

Microsoft did confirm a couple of days ago that it had sold 40 million Windows 8 copies, but we still don’t know for sure whether the new OS actually managed to meet internal sales projections or not.

Sources familiar with the matter claim they didn’t, while a Sony executive hints that Windows 8 sales are yet to be on track.

“The expectations of what we forecasted for — I don’t want to say we’re right on track — we’re probably close to being on track to where we predicted,” VAIO Product Manager Dave McFarland told Wired.

“If I had to compare Windows Vista to Windows 7 versus Windows 7 to Windows 8, our sales numbers aren’t as high as from the Vista to Windows 7 era.”

Of course, Microsoft won’t comment on this subject anytime soon, but as far as official stats go, Windows 8 is constantly increasing its market share all over the world.

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