Windows 8 Scores Another Big Win in Scotland

The Scottish government will give staff Windows 8 tablets

Windows 8’s current uptake remains rather slow, but it appears that Microsoft manages to sign major deals with authorities across the world every once in a while.

This time, the Scottish government has decided to go for Windows 8 when it comes to tablets for its staff, with workers to be allowed to choose from Samsung Series 7 Slate, the Dell Latitude 10 and the Samsung ATIV.

While the fact that the Surface is still missing from this campaign is a bit surprising, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft can only be pleased with these campaigns, especially because it continues to bet big on the mobility side of its operating system.

"The decision to move to Windows 8 was driven by a need to support greater mobility of staff following several consultations," said Andy McClintock, chief technology officer at the Scottish Government, according to a report by Computing.

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