Windows 8 Spawns Touch-Sensitive Hotel Walls – Video

A new prototype uses Windows 8 on hotel room walls

Windows 8 has helped enthusiasts around the world create quite a wide array of weird things, but here’s one that really deserves your attention.

The so-called “ITH Room Xperience” created by Serrano Brothers is a multitouch transparent wall that can be installed in hotel rooms to provide a truly unique experience to visitors.

The walls can be controlled by a smartphone or a Surface tablet, as they are based on the Windows 8 operating system. In addition, they feature interactive floors and mirrors, plus a fingerprint payment system.

While such a project could very well make sense for some people, we really doubt it has the slightest chance to see daylight in the near future. And still, it’s very interesting to see Windows 8 being used in such a wide array of projects.

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