Windows 8 Start Menu App Sells Thousands of Copies

Start8 remains one of the most popular apps for Windows 8 platforms

The lack of a Start Menu in Windows 8 has turned Stardock’s Start8 application into a huge success now that Microsoft’s new operating system is generally available.

Start8 is a small Windows 8 application that brings back the utterly popular Start Menu back for only $5 (€3.5). Tens of thousands of copies have already been sold and Stardock expects to sell even more in the near future.

"We were having some success with word of mouth before the Windows 8 release, and since the release, the floodgates have been opened, and the demand is surprising even us," Kris Kwilas, Stardock's vice president of technology, told USA Today.

"It tells me that early adopters of Windows 8 feel there's something missing -- a comfort factor for how they want to use their PCs, vs. how Microsoft has decided for them how they should use their computers."

Of course, Stardock’s Start8 is also available on Softpedia, so you can use this link to download it right now. The app features many more tweaks, but you shall discover them all once you install it.

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