Windows 8 Still Trails Behind Windows 7, XP and Vista

Microsoft's latest OS struggles to increase its market share

Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest OS that was released last October, is still striving to boost its market share, as Windows 7, XP and Vista remain the three most popular operating systems in the world.

According to the latest statistics provided by Net Applications, Windows 8 has registered only a slight market share increase in December, now reaching 1.72 percent.

The tablet-optimized Windows RT was running on 0.05 percent of all devices last month, while Windows 7 remained the clear leader with an impressive 45.11 percent market share.

Even though it’s pretty clear that Windows 8 is yet to take off, the latest Windows version has managed to increase its share from 1.09 percent in November to 1.72 percent in December.

What’s more, figures are expected to grow even bigger in the next few months, as analysts predict that the PC market is also very likely to post a significant recovery.

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