Windows 8 Store Apps Count Skyrockets to 12,895

The brand new Windows Store is growing bigger by the day

The Windows Store is growing bigger and it currently provides access to a total of 12,895 apps, all of them accessible from any Windows 8 device, be it a laptop, a desktop PC or a tablet.

Wes Miller, the Research VP at third-party analyst company Directions on Microsoft, confirmed via WinAppUpdate’s Twitter account that the Windows Store currently provides access to nearly 13,000 apps, with figures expected to grow even more in the next few days.

Of course, we’re still far from Microsoft’s optimistic forecast of 100,000 apps in the Store by February, but at least people who bought the Surface have a few more options when it comes to apps to be installed on their tablets.

Most of the apps are available for free and the “Games” category remains the most popular one in the entire Store.

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