Windows 8 Store Overtakes Apple’s Mac App Store in Total App Count

New data shows that Windows 8’s Windows Store is growing up quickly

The total number of apps available in the Windows Store has doubled since the debut of the new OS, according to Microsoft’s own stats, but new data shows that Windows 8’s new feature has even managed to overtake Apple’s Mac App Store.

According to product review company Distimo, there are 21,183 apps available in the Store worldwide, while Apple’s Mac App Store currently holds only 13,000 apps (AppShopper claims there are only 12,665 included in the store right now).

65 percent, or 13,844 apps in the Windows Store, are available in North America but, overall, 10 percent of all apps in the rankings are only popular locally.

While the Windows Store has finally managed to outpace the Apple Mac App Store, it’s still far from the Apple App Store and Google Play, both of which currently have more than 600,000 apps.

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