Windows 8 Tablets Sales Are Painfully Slow – Retailer

Microsoft can’t compete with Apple when it comes to tablet devices

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, but its first tablet in history, the Surface RT, remains a very disappointing product as far as retailers across the globe go.

Citing a “major computer retail franchisee,” writes that Windows 8 tablets sales have been painfully slow in December and January, with the unnamed official emphasizing that Microsoft can’t compete with Apple in this particular market sector.

“We could not sell Surface RT against iPad or Galaxy Note and still can’t. We needed to get it through our heads that Windows 8 tablets don’t compete with Apple iPad – kind of like if you want a notebook/desktop buy a Win 8 tablet instead,” the official said.

That’s pretty bad news for Microsoft, as the company has promised to focus on the existing devices, in order to bring them closer to buyers. No other Windows RT units will be released this spring, as the company wants to make the most of the tablets already on sale.

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