Windows 8 UX Pack 8.0 Makes Windows 7 Look Just like Windows 8.1

Here’s a new transformation pack that comes with Windows 8.1 design elements

If you really like the new flat look of Windows 8.1, but you’re still running Windows 7 and you don’t want to update to this particular OS version, here’s a way to make your existing installation look just like Microsoft modern platform.

The so-called Windows 8 UX Pack 8.0 is a freeware transformation pack that can completely change the UI design, bringing the exact same elements used by Microsoft in Windows 8.1.

Version 8.0 comes with a betta fish default user logon screen, Windows 8.1 wallpapers, updates the Windows 8.1 Start orb and the logon screen background, fixes theme issues and changes the immersive UI back to the initial configuration.

Of course, make sure you create a backup of your existing Windows installation and only then download Windows 8 UX Pack 8.0 to get all these improvements on your computer too.

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