Windows 8 Unattractive As Users Still Adopt Windows 7 – Forrester

New data shows that firms are yet to complete the XP to Windows 7 transition

Windows 8 is supposed to be an operating system that appeals to all user categories, but a new Forrester research claims that Microsoft’s new OS fails to attract companies too.

One of the main reasons is that firms are still migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 and since this is already a pretty expensive process, investing in new desktop software doesn’t make much sense.

Only 4 percent of companies are currently considering moving to Windows 8, Forrester said.

“With a three- to five-year life cycle on PC hardware, and the end of Windows XP support coming in April 2014, Forrester believes few firms will be anxious to make another major investment in desktop OS migration,” David Johnson, a Forrester analyst, said in a blog post.

Windows 8 is already considered a disappointing product within the Redmond campus, but Microsoft is yet to release official sales figures at this moment.

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