Windows 8 Uptake Still Not Good

March 2013 market share point to a slow uptake of the new OS

Microsoft continues to bet big on Windows 8 and, even though the company refuses to provide us with updated sales details, market share statistics point to a rather slow uptake.

The latest figures provided by market researcher Net Applications indicate that Windows 8 has reached a share of 3.17 percent last month, even though Microsoft most likely expected to see its operating system take off by now.

While it actually manages to increase its market share, Windows 8 does it at a rather slow pace. The operating system ended the month of October 2012, the one that witnessed its public launch, with a share of 0.41 percent, before eventually reaching 1.72 percent on December 31.

Windows 8 climbed to 2.26 percent in January, while February 2013 brought a market share of 2.67 percent, still well below expectations as far as Microsoft is concerned.

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