Windows 8 Users Ask for Podcast App, Microsoft Doesn’t Seem to Care

More and more users are looking for a dedicated podcast app in Windows 8

Microsoft announced a few days ago via its Windows 8 blog that all apps bundled into this new operating system would get major updates ahead of its public debut on October 26.

However, Microsoft didn’t know that this blog post would attract plenty of Windows 8 early adopters requesting nothing more than a simple built-in podcast app.

There are hundreds of comments published as replies to Microsoft’ blog post, with plenty of them asking for podcasting support.

“PODCASTING. Podcasting must be in there! It changes lives more than any other medium!” a user called Brendan said.

“A stand-alone app for podcasts would be cool. Or, building podcasting support (thru RSS subscription) into an existing media app would be good,” Shawn added.

Microsoft hasn’t issued a comment at the time of writing, but Windows 8 will most likely go live without a podcast app. That’s sad.

Update: the Podcasts! app is now available for download in the Store, obviously with a freeware license, for all Windows 8 versions. More info is available here.

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