Windows 8 Will Be Just as Affordable as Windows 7

Microsoft’s new OS will have a price tag similar to its predecessor’s

Microsoft announced a few days ago that, starting February 1, a Windows 8 upgrade would cost $119.99 (€90) as its $39.99 (€30) special discount for the new operating system expires at the end of the month.

While this is indeed a huge increase, the price tag will be identical with the one used by Windows 7 after launch, but keep in mind that Windows 8’s predecessor wasn’t promoted with a special price campaign just like the new software.

A Windows 8 upgrade is going to cost $119.99 (€90) and, as Paul Thurrott of writes, it’ll match the price used by Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade three years ago.

What’s more, the Windows 8 Pro Upgrade will be sold for $199.99 (€150), which is the same price tag used by Windows 7 Professional Upgrade after launch.

In the meantime, don’t forget that the $39.99 (€30) price tag is still available until January 31, so go get one if you wish to migrate to Windows 8.

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