Windows 8 Won’t Convince Users to Upgrade – Analyst

One more analyst claims that Windows 8 will fail to excite on the long term

Ever since Windows 8 got to see daylight, the operating system was constantly criticized by analysts around the world who emphasized that Microsoft’s new product fails to impress in the same way as its predecessor.

Now Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu says that Windows 8 may convince a bunch of people to buy new hardware to run the operating system, but the upgrade cycle will be “more muted than many think.”

According to Forbes, Wu said that Windows 8 would support only a 2 percent boost of the PC industry, even though some other researchers have even predicted a 9 percent increase.

The main reason for the slow adoption of Windows 8 is the big change in the user interface, the analyst said, but also the impressive growth of the mobile world using iOS and Android platforms.

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