Windows 8 and IE10 Make MSN Four Times Faster than Other Websites

Microsoft rolls out study results to demonstrate that MSN is much faster on Windows 8

Microsoft launched a special version of its MSN portal just a few days before the public debut of the new Windows 8, introducing a brand new design that brings it in line with this operating system, but also performance improvements supposed to help it load faster.

And as far as Microsoft is concerned, these efforts are paying off now, as a study conducted by an “independent” firm demonstrates that MSN for Windows 8 loads a lot faster not only than previous versions of the website, but also than the other news portals on the Internet.

The research performed by Principal Technologies Inc. shows that MSN for Windows 8 is four times faster than 8 top major online competitors, including CNN, New York Times, WSJ and Forbes.

The Sports page is 7 time faster than ESPN and NFL, while the News category loads 3 times quicker than the one on CNN or New York Times.

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