Windows 8’s Slow Debut May Hurt Best Buy Too

Best Buy has invested heavily in the launch of the new Windows OS

Microsoft claims it has already sold a total of 40 million copies of Windows 8, but this isn’t at all good news for Best Buy executives.

Best Buy is one of the companies that have invested heavily in the debut of the new Windows platform, as it trained thousands of employees in an effort supposed to help boost sales of Windows 8 devices.

At this point, however, Best Buy’s strategy doesn’t seem to be paying off at all, as Windows 8 is yet to take off. The retailer currently sells a total of 45 exclusive Windows products, 28 of which use touchscreen displays, Star Tribune notes.

But even so, Best Buy officials are not at all worried and point out that Windows 8 was a long-term bet from the very beginning.

“We always knew that Windows 8 was going to be a long term proposition,” Best Buy spokeswoman Amy Von Walter said. “Unlike other new devices, Windows 8 will be rolled out over several months.”

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