Windows 8 to Be Installed on Union National Bank’s Computers

Microsoft signs new Windows 8 deal with Union National Bank

Microsoft managed to sign several important deals to bring its new Windows 8 operating system on thousands of computers across the world, including on nearly 75,000 systems belonging to the US DoD.

The company has just announced a new such deal with the Union National Bank (UNB) as Windows 8 is considered the right operating system to power the UAE-based bank’s workstations.

“To reinforce its commitment, Microsoft has provided the highest level of quality assurance guarantees at all stages of the project to enable an enhanced usage experience with Windows 8. We are also very pleased that, as part of this agreement, UNB will be the first bank in the UAE to roll out the recently launched Windows 8 on all its PCs and commend the bank on its innovative approach,” Ziad Rizk, commercial sector sales manager at Microsoft Gulf, said.

In case you’re wondering, Windows 8 has been chosen because it’s very fast and provides a very reliable platform to run a wide array of applications, according to official statements.

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