Windows 8 to Help Ultrabook Sales Skyrocket Before Year-End

New study shows that Windows 8 may finally bring a boost to the hardware industry

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system may finally increase sales of the hardware market, according to a new study conducted by ABI Research.

Windows 8 is expected to boost ultrabook sales to 21 million units by the end of the year which, let’s be honest, may sound a bit impossible given the fact that it’s already December.

ABI Research claims that the North American market accounts for half of all ultrabook shipments, and given the fact that Windows 8 adoption in this area is pretty high, sales are very likely to be increased in the upcoming weeks.

“With the launch of Windows 8, we may see a double whammy effect. A number of consumers have held off from computer purchases so they could purchase an ultrabook with Windows 8 during the year,” said Senior Analyst Josh Flood.

“Furthermore, with the abundance of new ultrabook model releases, older systems’ prices will reduce and this will entice purchases from the low to mid-range price segment.”

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