Windows 8 to Take the Tablet World “by Storm” – Analyst

Microsoft’s new operating system still has a chance to succeed in the tablet market

Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system is still deemed a disappointing product, with analysts and experts across the world pointing to a rather slow early uptake in late 2012 and early 2013.

Patrick Moorhead, Moor Insights and Strategy analyst, wrote in a new white paper that Windows 8 still has a chance to succeed in the enterprise market, so he expects to see the operating system take this particular industry sector “by storm.”

The research then goes on to emphasize that Windows 8 provides many more advantages over an iPad or an Android tablet, including support for Windows 7 applications and several other software solutions not yet available on iOS or Android units.

He does reckon that Windows 8 tablets still need several improvements, but companies such as HP could help improve the battery life and the other hardware capabilities of the devices capable of running Microsoft’s new OS.

As you probably know, Microsoft is also looking into ways to expand the Surface product range, so Moorhead’s research comes as very good news for the Redmond-based tech firm.

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