Windows 8.x Concept Has Its Own Start Button, Tab-Based File Manager

Designer envisions a future update for the core Windows 8 OS

Windows 8.1 is already here, but some people are claiming that a second update for Windows 8 could be released at some point under the Windows 8.2 designation.

DeviantArt user AlexSych has created his very own interpretation of a future Windows 8.x build, integrating some new icons and a tab-based file manager.

As you can see in the photo above, the concept comes with its own Start button, but also with an updated File Explorer that has tabs and thus gives users the power to manage their files without opening several instances of the application.

While the icons on the desktop and the taskbar need several refinements, this is another sign that users are still hoping to get a better file manager in a future Windows release, especially because Microsoft has stuck to the basics in the latest versions of the operating system.

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