Windows 9 Beta to Launch in May – Report

It turns out that Microsoft might bring Windows 9 on the market sooner

Windows 9, the next full version of Microsoft’s operating system, could see daylight for the first time in May in the form of a beta build, according to a new report.

Famous Windows leaker WZor claims that this will actually be the only beta version launched by Microsoft for Windows 9, while a release candidate should hit the shelves in August or September.

Windows 9 could hit RTM between October 21 and October 25, the report claims, while the public launch should take place soon after that.

According to previous reports, Windows 9 was expected to launch in early 2015, with Microsoft very likely to share information on its new operating system at the BUILD 2014 developer conference this year in April. More details will follow soon, so we’ll keep you posted on this.

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