Windows 9 “Blamed” for Windows 8’s Disappointing Start

Everybody is waiting for the next Windows version, analyst says

Leaving Microsoft’s statements aside, it’s pretty clear that Windows 8 isn’t selling very well right now, with most users criticizing the GUI changes that Microsoft introduced in the operating system.

But if you’re asking Paulo Camara, head of mobility services at IT firm Ci&T, one of the reasons why Windows 8 still fails to excite is the upcoming Windows 9 that’s expected to bring many important changes for Windows users.

“The next Windows version certainly will include the strengths of Windows 8 and fix its main gaps,” he was quoted as saying by InformationWeek.

Does this mean that Windows 9 will bring back a Start button? Nobody knows for sure, but Steve Ballmer has already made it clear that Microsoft had no intention to abandon the Start Screen.

Camara, on the other hand, says that Windows 9 is very likely to “have a faster adoption by enterprises” than Windows 8.

It remains to be seen when the new Windows 9 will actually arrive, as everybody’s talking about a so-called Windows Blue that may be released sometime this year.

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