Windows 9 Concept Brings the Modern UI on Your Desktop

Designer creates interpretation of the next full Windows version

Even though Windows 9 is far from being released, designers across the world keep releasing concepts supposed to preview some of the features to be part of the new operating system.

DeviantArt user 34moiso, who also created other Windows 9 concepts, released a new interpretation of the upcoming OS version that mixes the Modern and the desktop worlds.

Basically, his new design combines the two environments in a way that allows users to run Modern apps on the desktop in their very own windows.

At this point, such a thing is already possible on Windows 8 thanks to third-party app ModernMix, but this concept sends a clear message to Microsoft to implement such an option in its operating system from the get-go and give users more power when it comes to Modern apps.

It’s hard to tell whether Microsoft would ever bring such an option in Windows, but more details would most likely emerge next year when the company is set to debut the new Windows 9.

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