Windows 9 Design Comes with a Revamped Start Screen

Designer creates a new concept featuring an improved Start screen

Windows 9, the next full version of Windows, is expected to continue Microsoft’s strategy of putting the focus on touch features, so naturally, we expect the Start screen to receive several major improvements.

As you can see in this concept created by DeviantArt user 34moiso, there’s plenty of room for improvements, as the Start screen is still in its early stages on the market.

The concept brings a Taskbar on the Start screen that uses elements borrowed from the charms bar, along with the standard clock, battery status, and network connection indicators.

According to people familiar with the matter, Windows 9 is set to make its debut in early 2015, but previous reports also hinted that it could arrive a bit sooner in late 2014.

Of course, Microsoft is yet to comment on this particular OS release, but don’t expect the company to borrow any design cues from this concept for the upcoming Windows 9.

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