Windows 9 Design Mixes the Aero Effects with the Longhorn Sidebar

Designer creates Windows 9 concept using old Windows features

Windows 9 is already a work in progress at Microsoft, so designers out there are trying to imagine some of the features that Redmond could bring in its next major release.

DeviantArt user Whowne turned to some old Windows features to design a somewhat modern interpretation of Windows 9 featuring not only the Aero effects, but also the well-known Longhorn sidebar.

He claims that customization could go even further by allowing users to choose either the Windows 7 Start Menu or the Metro UI rolled out by Microsoft in Windows 8.

As you can see for yourselves, this concept isn’t quite an appealing design, but with some help from Microsoft, it could lead to something that not only that looks great, but also works more effectively.

People still want old Windows features back in their operating system, so Microsoft might actually consider some other improvements for Windows 9 beside the Start Menu.

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