Windows 9 Plans Create Tension Between Microsoft and PC Makers

OEMs are unhappy with the release date of Windows 9

If the information we have right now is accurate, Windows 9 should see daylight in April 2015, approximately one year after the introduction of Windows 8.1 Update.

While this does make sense when taking Microsoft’s new fast cadence into consideration, it’s really a weird decision for PC manufacturers, who are upset that it takes so long to bring a new operating system to the market.

Russian leaker WZor says that some OEMs have expressed their complaints towards the April 2015 release date, explaining that during that time of the year sales are going very slow. At the same time, they are asking Microsoft to bring the OS version to the market sooner, possibly before Christmas and the New Year, in order to benefit from the holiday sales boost and ship more devices.

That’s obviously impossible, but it’s easy to understand why PC makers are not pleased with Microsoft’s decision. At this point, word has it that the two sides are working on finding a way to address this problem, with some sources saying that a special Windows 8.1 build, which could then be updated free of charge to Windows 9, could be installed on devices going on sale during the holiday season.

Nothing is sure at this point, so don’t take this for granted, but there’s a slight chance that Windows 9 might be here sooner than expected.

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