Windows 9 Still in the Pipeline Despite Windows Blue’s 2013 Launch

The company continues work on the next iteration of Windows

Microsoft’s Windows division is reportedly working on two different projects right now, one supposed to spawn the highly anticipated Windows Blue and another one that could bring the next full standalone operating system called Windows 9.

A report published by ZDNet on the upcoming Windows Blue also points to a post on LinkedIn which confirms that work is underway on the new Windows 9.

While Microsoft remains tight-lipped on the next Windows release, it may seem like Windows Blue is after all a major update for Windows 8, while the next standalone build of the operating system is very likely to be Windows 9.

There’s no release date in place for Windows 9, but given the fact that Windows Blue is expected to hit the market sometime this year, a new Windows contraption is highly unlikely to see daylight in 2013.

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