Windows 9’s Notepad App Should Look like This

New concept envisions a completely revamped version of Notepad

Notepad still serves as the fastest way to open text documents on a Windows computer, but Microsoft has made only minor improvements to the app lately.

That’s why DeviantArt user articpaco has created a concept showing a completely revamped version of Notepad that seems to perfectly embrace Microsoft’s Modern design style.

The user interface is pretty much simplistic and provides only two options at the top of screen to let you choose font and size, while other settings are placed at the bottom in order to quickly save or open a new document.

Since Windows 8.1 is just around the corner, Windows 9 is the only next Microsoft product that could bring a major makeover to Notepad.

According to rumors, Windows 9 is expected to hit the market next year in November, but the first beta is set to be unveiled in January.

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