Windows 9 to Be Unveiled on September 30

Microsoft will be holding a press event to introduce the new OS

A preview version of Windows 9 is expected to be unveiled sometime next month and, thanks to a new report, we also have a date for a public debut.

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is preparing a press event for September 30, which is very likely to be the first time when the company will talk about the new operating system.

While the report claims that Microsoft doesn’t plan to disclose the new name of the operating system, which will almost for sure be Windows 9, according to sources, the company is however expected to present some of the features that could be part of this release.

The September 30 event is yet to be confirmed, so it could change if Microsoft decides to push back the unveiling for a few days, but it’s just another sign that a preview version of Windows 9 is on the horizon.

If the company indeed breaks the news on Windows 9 on September 30, the public beta could be launched soon after that or during the same day. Microsoft is expected to allow virtually everyone to get the preview build of Windows 9, but only a few features would actually be part of the release.

Instead of releasing new Windows 9 Preview builds every time they’re ready, Microsoft wants to update the original testing version when development of new features is completed and thus keep all users up to date.

Windows 9 is expected to come with lots of new features, including a Start menu, a desktop version of Cortana, options to run Metro apps on the desktop and Internet Explorer 12. A full list of all rumored features is available here.

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